Our Solution

EyePACS helps primary health care providers prevent permanent vision loss and improve overall patient health.

"Our screening rates doubled in the first year of the program."

Dr. Jacqueline Olayiwola

Former Chief Medical Officer of Community Health Centers of Connecticut

How it Works

The EyePACS system is designed to help clinics improve patient outcomes.


Using our Store-and-Forward telemedicine technology, clinics can capture and upload patient information and retinal images manually or from their EHR through the HL7 interface.


Credentialed eye care clinicians interpret the images and generate e-consults through our secure platform.


The diagnoses and recommendations are communicated to the clinic through PDF reports or through HL7 interface with EHR.


Clinics inform their patients and make appropriate referrals for follow up and treatment.

The Platform

The EyePACS solution provides end-to-end services and technology for blindness prevention programs.

Secure Framework

Throughout the process, EyePACS provides continuous quality improvement for photographers, consultants and administrators. We use encrypted channels and have separate logins for all users.

Evidence-based, Validated Process

We follow internationally accepted grading guidelines for diabetic retinopathy according to the ICO. Our follow-up recommendations are based on the Preferred Practice Pattern® guidelines of the AAO.

Automated Retinal Image Quality Assessment

Created in collaboration with Google, ARIQA automatically assesses image quality using the latest AI technology and labels images. It also notifies the clinic staff on how to improve images, such as cleaning smudges, adjusting the illumination, and improving focus.

Adaptable Technology

We test new cameras as they come on the market. As a result, we offer cameras that work best with your setting allowing your program to be adaptable, expandable, and resilient.

Current Cameras

EyePACS works with a variety of retinal imaging cameras. We’re always searching for the best cameras and testing to see how they compare.


NFC 700

NFC 600

Canon CR2AF

Pictor Prestige

The Financial Picture

We focus on making your program financially viable. Use our ROI calculator to figure out your return on investment when you adopt EyePACS into your setting. Get in touch with us to gain access.

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